Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

If Men Could Menstruate

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I agree with Gloria Steinem and her take on how the world would be viewed by men if they had a menstrual cycle. I found humor in her boast about how men’s sanitary supplies would be free or funded by the government and that those men who preferred commercial brands would purchase “John Wayne Tampons” etc. I also like her take on the different positions in society that men hold, as she said that only men could survive in the Army and they would say women could not because “you have to give blood to take blood”. I had often wondered what it would be like if men could menstruate and I had asked many of my male friends what they would do if they could go through that time of the month. Some said they do not think they could handle the cramps and emotions and others said they could do it with no problems. I never put in perspective that men would take it to the extreme like Steinem illustrates in her writings. Men think that women should just learn to control the cramps and hormones and go on with their day like it’s just a normal one, when sometimes that is not an option. Some women suffer from extreme pain and have side effects that most other women do not have. I think that men should read Steinem’s story and maybe they will think twice about the way they push the topic aside and think that women are just being silly or using it to get attention.


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