Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Women’s Rights

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For this blog I choose to write about womens reproductive rights. I think a woman has every right to have as many children as her body can handle no matter what her social status, race, or background is. As women, we were give a gift to give birth. Just because a woman is poor doesnt me she needs to give up that right. However I feel as a woman we should also think about things and our surroundings before we bring a child into this world. If I didnt have the money to have another child at the time, I would wait. If I was living in unstable conditions I would not want to bring a child into this world knowing I could not give it the best. I think any woman wants the best for her child, they should anyway. I know accidents happen and there will be times when children won’t have it as easy as some but no matter what they will always have their mothers love.


Author: sheltonja23

I'm a senior at ETSU and I plan on graduating in May of 2013. I want to be a Child Life Specialist and work in the Children's Hospital in Knoxville. I have a year old boxer named Axel and he is like my child. I am very outgoing and love going home every weekend to be with my family.

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