Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Body Image In Society Today

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  We recently discussed a topic in class a few weeks ago body image and how it is perceived in society today. I feel as though body image in the media is portrayed as one phrase “thin is beautiful”. Every women in today’s society is longed to be perceived just as beautiful as though actresses on tv and in the magazines. I personally feel that every one is beautiful in there own way, and who are we to tell them any differently. 

  The magazines tell us we need to be a size zero stick, have no acne, and look like a super model every time we go out into the world. In the end though why can’t we just be ourselves is that not good enough for the public eye. These celebrities are holding us to a impossible standard we all aspire to be just like them, but at what price does it pay for us to be like them. Hating our bodies, not eating anything, buying every cosmetic under the sun. It seems a bit ridiculous in my opinion to do all that just be you and be happy.

  You don’t have to be like the girls in magazines or celebrities because there not even real to themselves or happy with themselves. Those girls in the magazine are airbrushed and those celebrities have to maintain a serious lifestyle to be the way they are. So in the end just be you and love your self because how can any one else love you if you hate everything about yourself. Don’t be concerned with the way media is about body image we are all beautiful in our own way.    


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