Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

“If Men Could Menstruate”

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Menstruation is seen as such a dirty event in a women’s life. It is something that you are not to share with others. I even remember in middle school when I started my period I would try to hide it from my friends because I thought it was embarrassing. Then when I got to high school after most of my friends had started their periods it wasn’t something that I was shy to talk about. I have noticed that most people do not feel the same about talking about their periods. It’s like you have to apologize for doing something that is a part of a women’s life that is necessary for reproduction.  You cannot talk about your cramps because you are seen as being weak. If you take birth control because of your heavy flow or your cramps people don’t seem to have any sympathy for you. And with guys most will freak out if you even mention that you are on your period. But what if it was men who could menstruate? Would the attitude towards periods be completely different from the opposite see if they too could do it? I agree with Gloria Steinem’s point of view in her article, “If Men Could Menstruate” when states that if men were the ones who menstruated it would be a special event. They would compare their periods with other men, bragging about how long it was. If they had cramps, back pain, or headaches due to their periods they would be a loud to take the day off, and stay home.  They would constantly talk about their periods, and women would still be inferior to men if they didn’t have periods. I believe everything she says in her article would happen if it were men who have periods. Perhaps the negative attitude towards a women’s period would change if men were more empathetic, and hopefully women can be able to talk about their periods freely.


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