Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

My Fight For Birth Control

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After reading My Fight For Birth Control by Margaret Sanger, I was shocked. I never knew the realities of not actually having birth control as an option for women. At the beginning of the story I had no clue what the author was talking about and why the mother was getting sick repeatedly. I knew it had something to do with reproductive issues, but i had no clue she kept getting sick from abortions. I was also surprised that the doctor and nurse kept coming back and doing the procedure knowing the consequences of what they were doing and not telling the mother. Having grown up in the generation that I have, I think everybody beats into girls especially in their early twenties that they need to be on it that a lot of girls my age are on it now. I’m glad that has happened though because abortions are terrible things and if you can prevent them, why wouldn’t you? 


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