Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Partners as parents

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There has been much hype about the debate whether homosexuals should be able to legally marry but what about homosexual couples having kids?

I feel this article outlined the issue perfectly. Other students might tease kids of homosexual couples, but any kid can be teased and I do not think this is a reason to deny homosexual couples of having children but actually the problem of the parents of the kids who are teasing. I believe by growing up in a non-traditional household the kids will have a more accepting and complete worldview. I agree completely that the people opposing gay marriage and gay rights hide “behind tradition as their key witness for refusal to change… attempting to disguise what is fundamentally a religious objection based on the sanctity of marriage” I feel that religion should be separate from government and any policies or laws. By denying homosexual couples of getting married and having the same rights as heterosexual couples based on a religious view, that is integrating religion into government.  Homosexual couples should be given the same rights as any one else including the right to be married and the right to have children.

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