Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Reproductive Rights

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The reading that I will be discussing is “My Fight for Birth Control” by Margaret Sanger.  This story absolutely broke my heart. Just try to imagine thinking that your only option is to physically, with the instrument in your hands, kill your own unborn child.  This is just mind-blowing.  This woman’s life and cause of death should show everyone the importance of women having reproductive rights and being provided with the knowledge and explanations about sex and methods of birth control that come along with this right.  If someone would have informed Mrs. Sacks about contraceptives, or offered her another way out of her situation, she may not have had to make that awful decision, and ultimately she may have lived a longer life. Margaret, the narrator, could have informed Mrs. Sacks about contraceptives, but society prevented her from doing so. Margaret was too afraid of being ridiculed or made fun of, but is avoiding being socially embarrassed worth losing a precious mother over?  How often do you think, even today, that society gets the best of us?

To some people, society says “women do not deserve any reproductive rights.”  I believe that this is completely untrue. I feel that women deserve reproductive rights and freedoms.  Along with reproductive rights comes knowledge about abstinence and birth control. There is the health department and many other clinics that offer free birth control supplements and contraceptives, which I feel are ways of giving all women their reproductive rights and the knowledge they deserve.


One thought on “Reproductive Rights

  1. yes, it is terrible to learn the decisions women make when they feel they have no options, when they lack information. and that is what prompted Sanger’s work in promoting birth control. educating women about the availability of options is vital.

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