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Who Wants to Marry a Feminist?

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After reading Lisa Miya-Jervis’ section in our book I really started to look at my own life. 

I grew up in a Catholic, conservative home where Bill O’Riley and Rush Limbaugh are two men that my father looks to for humor and for conservative ‘advice’. As a young child I agreed with everything that my father believed in, from sports teams to politics (I am a daddy’s girl) it wasn’t until I was about 17 when I realized that these two men whom my father looks to were hateful and twist the facts around. 

Limbaugh calls feminists “Feminazis.” This term to me, not only makes me mad, but frankly makes me feel like a lesser person because I believe in women’s rights and that we all have a choice.

It is really up to the women today to change this view that people have of feminists. I consider myself a ‘laid back’ feminist, I don’t think that radical anything gets the point across to society that things need to change. If I just so choose to stay home with my children rather than work in the future I don’t want to be judged for it. I also wouldn’t mind working and having my husband stay home if I just so happened to have a higher income than him. Jervis herself admitted that she makes more than her husband, but doesn’t belittle him when introducing him to new friends. I think that men are more prideful and get hurt when a woman states how much more successful she is than him, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him, its the truth of the matter. 

As women, we are all united by the same physical aspects, emotional levels and the need to be heard and understood. Why should we sit back and let preconceived notions change us?


Just a thought on the matter.

Positive vibes,



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One thought on “Who Wants to Marry a Feminist?

  1. the feminist movement was about giving women choices and not judging them for the choices they make, so if you choose to stay home, then you should be able to do so.

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