Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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History of Working Women

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     After reading “A Brief History of Working Women” I noticed that throughout history all women, no matter the race, religion or time period all faced difficulties. Whether it was in the house, or in the working place. 

Of course women who are/were minorities were treated even worse. But over all women have faced problems in history. Women during wars have been the sole providers for the household. All of them have selflessly sacrificed their time,bodies and (what little) money they had made to provide for their families.

While men were at war, the women had to step up to the plate to make sure they’re families were not going hungry. All without pay. This to me shows true love and sacrifice of a woman/mother. 

Still to this day women are harassed for being a mother/successful business woman. Many women of color or different backgrounds are frowned upon because of their ethnicity, they too are paid less than the average American white woman. 

I believe that we should change this, and the proof as to why this should change is in our history.

Another thought  on the matter. Hopefully my generation of women can change this issue.

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