Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Unpaid Labor in the Home

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The book describes how in our society women are the ones who are responsible for domestic work, such as taking care of children, cleaning, etc. Often we consider the labor done at home as not being work at all. Most consider childcare and housework to be gender norm for women. The book states that in a survey done in 2006, married women spend 19.4 hours a week doing housework while men only do around 9.7 hours of housework.  It has been said that women have a “second shift” after they leave their jobs. The second shift refers to the work that women do at home after they leave their job. The amount of work that women do can contribute to stress and other emotional issues. There have been groups of women who have proposed that women should be compensated for the housework that they do.  I personally do not think that anyone should be compensated for the work they do around the house. I think that before you enter a relationship with another person you need to discuss who should be responsible for what. If you choose to stay home and do housework while your husband or wife goes to work than that was your decision, and you should know that you won’t be paid for it. Before you get married it would be wise to talk to your significant other of what he or she expects you to do around the house. I think it is unfair to say the housework should be all up to the woman or all up to the man. It shouldn’t be all up to either spouse, but instead be divided the work equally. Marriage is about working as a team!


One thought on “Unpaid Labor in the Home

  1. agreed. upfront communication about expectations, who does what, etc. successful marriages are partnerships.

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