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Women Work Inside and Outside the Home

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In ancient society, it is often considered that women should stay at home and men should go hunt and bring food back. Nowadays, the situation changes a lot. More women participate in labor force and earn salary. However, Working inside or outside the home is still paradox choice for women.

Women who work at home have more time to take care of the test of family members. They can cook more delicious food and handle the housework such as dishes, laundry and cleaning. But there is a survey indicates that men feel women who work are more attractive. Because women who work is out going and dress elegant. Men find out those independent women who can earn salary is more charming than those housewives who stay at home doing house works.

Working outside home means those women does less housework and higher family salary can improve the standard of living. However, if women do no daily kings of tasks, it is often considered that the women are inept to the family. Men often take that women should do the repetitive, ongoing tasks for granted. After working all day and house works, most of women implies less sexual desire, which disappoints men in some way as many men complains. In addition, men do not want women earn higher salary than them so that they can still have the power of control.

Anyway, whatever women choose to stay at home or work outside the home is double bind choice.


One thought on “Women Work Inside and Outside the Home

  1. yes, another double bind. balancing work and life is never easy, either.

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