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Choices of Our Domestic Duties

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Reading from the book Women’ Voices: Feminists Visions, in the 8th chapter, it talks about domestic household work. This issue has many stratified layers, mainly because domestic duties are distributed very differently within every household. Women are typically the designated household workers, even if both people in the partnership have jobs. While it should not be a woman’s duty to work as the household care giver, it is often the role we uphold because we like things to have order and be clean. However, not every marriage or partnership has this double standard or expectation. I know many families and couples who split much of the household duties between the two, and to the children, if they have them. As time progresses, it is not uncommon to see men doing more of the housework than their wives. Times have shown promising light to what women and men are expected to do in life, which gives both men and women the freedom of choosing the lifestyle they want. If a woman desires, she can work and have a stay at home husband, while she “brings home the bacon” for her family. However, she can also choose to stay home, take care of the children and make her husband a sandwich.  The fact of the matter is that we have the freedom now, more than we ever have. We can choose so many options in life, but all we seem to focus on is how other people choose to live their lives. The only issue we should really focus on is if we are satisfied in our own personal lives, and deal with them, rather than try and fix other women’s domestic “problems” that many women choose to have in the first place.


One thought on “Choices of Our Domestic Duties

  1. i agree that we focus on how others live their lives and should be most concerned with our own lives. we should butt out, since it’s none of our business, unless our neighbors are being harmed or there is violence afoot. And then, I think that being a good neighbor and helping others is a good thing, because some people need friends/family/community to help them.

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