Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Maid to Order

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When you think of maids, you quickly generally think of a women doing cleaning around the house but now think you never really see a man, now do you? In the reading Maid to Order by Barbara Ehrenreich , talks about how society always portray women as being as stated “housework, as radical feminists once proposed, defines a human relationship and, unequally divided among social groups, reinforces preexisting inequalities.” This quote is explaining on how women are busy with their life in having to do house work and having their own life on the side and juggling it, all at the same time. However, then it is viewed sexually because there was a section that talked about how one of the Maid service uses kneepads, which are a tool of sexual subservient, so they are viewed different and kinky since the maids are on the ground on their knees wiping up things on the floor. But our generations will have its view and someday or later, someone will have to clean up the mess.


One thought on “Maid to Order

  1. yes, there is always a mess. that is the crux of it.

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