Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Sex Work

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Is sex work wrong? This is a question that troubles many feminists and makes them, in a sense, turn on each other-like taking different political sides. In this blog post, I am going to tell you my view on sex work.  Even though sex work might be regarded as morally wrong, it gets food on some families’ tables.  Some women do this work by choice, but others do it to provide for their families. I would rather a woman be performing sex work and making money so that her children have something to eat, rather than a woman not being able to prostitute, therefore her children go hungry. An example of the misfortune cast upon women because of the illegalization of sex work can be found by looking at conditions in Cambodia.  “[T]he U.S. government has pressured some countries to criminalize all prostitution, a proposal that has resulted in disastrous conditions for women in Cambodia with evictions, detentions and reported police abuse” (p 447). Along with the money, there are also danger that come along with sex work.  However, if we decriminalize this type of work and begin to bring about social justice for these workers, “we can begin to advocate for rights in [their] workplace, to fight discrimination, to protect [them] and find recourse when violence is committed against [them]” (p 448).  If we do all of these things to make sex work more safe, it is still morally wrong, but it will make an easier, safer way for some women to make ends meet.

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