Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

The Strange Relationship Between Feminism and Sex Work

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I find it extremely odd that feminism groups advocate women working in sex related jobs. To me, that is degrading to women and that lowers the standards of being a woman by participating in sex work. If feminism groups want whats best for women and women to have equal rights as men, why are they advocating women doing these things? I understand that women might need extra money here and there, but I don’t really agree with working in sex related jobs. I could never do that. Carol Leigh states, “Other feminist groups advocate for anti-trafficking laws to protect persons forced into any type of labor-whether farm laborers or sex workers”(Leigh 447). This is how i think all feminist groups should be. To want to help women by bringing them up, not lowering their standards to make more money. By doing these sex acts with multiple partners, these worn can face jail time and STD’s. I don’t think they realize the consequences of what they’re doing.


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