Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

“Women’s Work”

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In class we have studied Chapter 8 and learned about Women’s unpaid and paid labor.  For many years women were expected to stay at home and do all the housework, cook, clean, and tend to the children.  This is what made a “normal”, productive wife.  For years I have been taught this concept in school and I have always fromed the opinion that this was simply not fair at all for the women.  They were to have no life of their own as far as a career and the man was not expected to be involved in housework or even in the children’s life other than to discipline them.  This just does not seem to be a healthy household, to me.

But it wasn’t until we began studying “Women’s Work” that I began to understand why it is not fair.  Housework is no simple and easy task, it is hard work.  Too often women are not give credit for their work, and the man’s work outside of the home is much more intense and important.  Although, today it is more common that women no longer do all of the housework and do have careers of their own, they still, in many cases, get stuck doing the majority of the housework.  Women deserve to have such hard work recognized by their husbands and children.  I see now, how hard my grandmothers and mom actually work inside and outside the home.  It is a difficult task and I have developed a whole new respect for them.

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