Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

The Cult of Virginity

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According to Jessica Valenti everyone has there own opinion about virginity. Sometimes a woman feels ashamed that she lost her virginity and some feel a sense of sexual freedom, and also unfortunately some women lose their virginity in a violent or horrible way. Most people associate virginity with a woman. Some people think women are supposed to hold on to their virginity as long as they can. It makes them pure and clean. Untouched by another man. Many man chase virgins hoping to ‘deflower’ them, but if a male is a virgin he is seen as a loser or lame or unattractive. women who lost their virginity at an early age have the chance of being judged as a whore or loose. Who is to say that she slept with the first guy that came around? Yes young girls should hold on to their virginity as long as possible! It is something you will NEVER get back so once she decides that she is ready to lose it she should absolutely make sure she is ready and not be pressured into it because if she is chances are she will regret it. 

Also it is stated that women who are sexually active are “damaged goods”. A woman  can’t be wanted if she isn’t a virgin? If that was the case a ;lot of people wouldn’t be getting married. Waiting until marriage is pretty rare these days, but if a guy sleeps around he’s the man? Me personally I wouldn’t want a man who slept with tons of women! I believe that women should have the same sexual freedom as men. Men AND women shouldn’t sleep around because no one wants to hear about their spouse sexual activity in the past. In conclusion virginity is a huge issue in our society. I don’t think that anyone who isn’t a virgin is damaged goods, and the ones who are should hold on to it until they are 100% that is what they want to do.


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