Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Women & Sex Work

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For some women sex work makes them feel empowered. Like they have control of the man not the other way around. I’ve heard many strippers say it’s about the money. It’s about making the man wanting you and making him wanting to give you money. While the men think that the women actually have some interest in them. The women who actually do these ‘professions’ do it to take care of their families. Then on the other hand some women see it as the only means to survival. When that is absolutely not true. There are tons of programs trying to help women out of those situations. A woman shouldn’t have to feel forced into doing sex work, especially not by a man. Women who are in this industry will have to live with it, women with daughters will have to think is this really what I want my daughter to look up to? Do I want men degrading her for money? Whether you feel empowered after you do it or like crap the real question is would you want your daughter to be doing porn, or stripping? Most if not all mothers would say no. I think this is a very touchy topic to many women.


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