Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Encouraging self-acceptance

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I was reading from the book Women’s Voices; Feminist Visions, in the 10th chapter, in a section of the book called Sexting by Amanda Lenhart. I can imagine we all know what sexting is, but what amazes me is how young kids are starting to do this! It kills me to think of my little sister at age 15 sexting, let alone doing it at 12. I can remember the pressure of texting, even if it was just a suggestive sentence. You want the approval of your looks, intelligence, and you want to be witty and humorous, and likable. Girls and boys feel the pressure from their peers to be what the media wants them to be today. TV portrays these beautiful, perfect women, and these young girls look and see they look nothing like that. So they diet and put makeup on, just to get attention, and they send these pictures to test out how desirable they are, even before they are sexually active. It is less embarrassing to test this over the phone than face to face. Over the phone provides quick back outs and room for testing and experimenting, something that does not happen when in person. It is incredible how much we rely on what others think about us, and I think that is the problem within our society. Which than creates the issue within society, like sexting and child pornography. Ways we warn students with the issue of sexting is by educating them. Explaining that it is illegal, and that these images could spread like wild fire. Encouraging self-acceptance rather than peer acceptance could help them respect themselves more than to send inappropriate text messages to one another for approval.


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