Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Don’t Send the Sext!

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Today the Internet is used by a majority of the world’s population. Anyone can gain access to the Internet today and the large quantities of websites. There is an endless amount of knowledge and advice a person can find just by searching a topic in Google. The growth of the use of the Internet can pose risks for this generation. The internet contains good information, but it also contains negative information such as pornography, and other suggestive items. I do not mind the viewing of pornography when people who are watching it are over the age of 18. I feel every adult has the right to watch whatever they choose, but I do not feel that minors should be to access something of such an adult nature. Unfortunately everyone does have access to porn, but I believe it should be the parents’ responsibility to make sure their children are not on websites they should not be on. Computers allow you to set up parental blocks that can prevent children from accessing these websites. Not only can we access porn on our computer we can now get it on our phones. Every high school student has a cell phone today that can send picture messages, text messages, videos, and we can access Internet websites. I think that from watching porn boys and girls could think that it is acceptable to send pictures of themselves nude, or other sexual messages, also known as sexting. They might be pressured to do this, or feel like they are doing anything wrong since they are not having sex. I think sexting can have horrible consequences for young kids. I remember in high school one girl sent a nude picture of herself to a boy, and by the end of the day almost the entire school was sent the picture. This girl was called a slut, whore, and other horrible names. The worst part of sexting is that it is not private. These messages can be sent to everyone, and they can even be posted on social networking sites. Girls who get pressured to send pictures of themselves to boys can suffer for probably the rest of their high school years, and even potentially be denied jobs or admission into college. Hopefully we can all teach the younger generation the consequences of sexting and encourage them not to sext.


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