Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

You’re Texting and We Know It

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In the reading of Textual Harassment by Donna St, George writes that such harassment- marked by excessive, repeated, and threatening text messages – has become a serious problem.  Also many experts in this present day report that textual harassment is causing disturbing feature of abusive relationships. Bearing this out are a number of disturbing stories of girls and women threatened or controlled via text.  Text messages are more than just another tool in an abuser’s arsenal – they make repeatedly contacting a victim significantly easier because of a combination of two factors. Technology has ways in ordinary people would never dream of – and while controls on the technology itself may partly fix the problem, we also need to stop abusers and help teens and adults get out of abusive relationships. St. George mentions several programs geared toward raising awareness of digital dating abuse – it’s also important that those who abuse in such a way are prosecuted, and their victims protected from their continuing efforts.


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