Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Chapter 10

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Today in class we discussed violence issues from Chapter 10 in our book.  Violence is something we see and hear about everyday, but I feel like most people do not really think about what it actually is, or what it means to be a victim of violence.  Sexual and physical abuse have obviously harsh effects on the victims of such terrible incidents.  Along with these comes emotional and psychological abuse.  In many cases, this abuse is overlooked or not taking very seriously.  To be emotionally abused does not necessarily require any physical abuse, it can simply be abuse through words.  Using harsh language and hurtful words to tear someone down can be just as hurtful as those who suffer physical harm.  Some believe that people shouldn’t let words get to them, but this is unrealistic. To some extent words matter and they can hurt.  Someone who is constantly put down and called names can lower their self-esteem and can worsen to thoughts or even attempts to suicide. Verbal abuse can be just as hurtful, and this emotional abuse should be taken seriously.
Also, the book says that boys are more likely to bully than girls.  Although I do believe that boys are too often involved in bullying incidents, I believe that girls today are tend to do more bullying than boys.  From my own experiences and things I have seen, girls can be so mean.  They may not be greatly involved in physical violence, but they are emotionally abusive.  Girls can be sneaky and use their words to hurt one another. While boys can can be violent and some do bully others, I believe girls tend to be more involved in bullying especially at the middle school and high school levels.


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