Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Death in the Name of Love.

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Domestic violence can be any form of emotional, sexual, or physical abuse between two intimate people, which can happen in a heterosexual or same sex relationship. Men can be a target for domestic violence, but in most cases it is directed towards women. Domestic violence can lead to physical injury, psychological trauma, or death. Domestic violence affects women from all socio-economic backgrounds. It is not just something that happens to the poor or underprivileged as the general public thinks. Another myth is that strangers always attack women, that happens but more often women are hurt by the people who are close to them or claim to love them. Professionals, family members, and close friends are often dumbfounded as to why victims of domestic violence will not leave these relationships or return to them after being given a way out. It is important to understand that when a person becomes so controlled by another person, it is very difficult for them to make decisions on their own and to feel that they have the power to get away. The abuser literally has control of the victim’s life and continually promises that if they come back they will not harm them again. They tell the victim that they love them and cannot live without them and because of the power they have over this person they make the victim feel guilty. Women who have experienced any kind of violence towards them should recieve help and not be afraid to tell others about her experience and ask for help.



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