Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Pornography, good or bad?

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Today’s discussion in class got me thinking about how I feel about pornography and how it effects women in our society. The book discusses it in a purely negative light, which is how I have always viewed it. The book describes pornography as ” the graphic, sexually explicit subordination of women through pictures and/ or words.” To me there is good porn and bad porn. The book discounts the fact that some women are sexually empowered by porn or the fact that it is their right to free speech to be portrayed in porn or partake in it. I believe that all porn is not bad, but does need to be regulated more closely. “Soft porn” as the book calls it, is not as bad because it portrays women in a positive, non threatening way. Although it still might depict perfect looking women that add to body image problems in our society, it does not demean women. I do agree that in cases of hard core porn that it does objectify women and could lead to and perpetuate violence against women. Overall I think one of the biggest issues with porn that book touches on is the fact that it is so readily accessible, anyone at anytime can get on the internet and look, for free, at any type or pornography they choose. Therefore, children and our younger population are being exposed to these images before they have the maturity to understand that it is not real, or that is not how intimacy may work in real life.


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