Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014


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When I was reading about sexting in today’s society I was shocked by the statistics that have been found involving sexting.  According to the pew internet project, 15% of teenagers that range from the age 12 to 15 have sent totally naked or partially nude pictures.  This is shocking to me because in high school if you sent a nude picture you were ridiculed and made of from then on.  It surprises me that women would take to risk of sending a picture and possibly having the whole school see it. It was also shocking to me that some teenagers as young as 12 are sending these pictures.  I mean honestly do they even stop to think how ashamed and disappointed their parents and families would be if they found out what they were doing.  I feel like now a days many people have little to no respect for their bodies.  I believe something should be done to bring attention to this ever growing problem.


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