Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Violence Against Women.

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             In chapter 10 the topic of rape is brought up. It is something that every woman knows about and should know how to prevent such things from happeneing to herself and to others. I was surprised at the statistics of rapes each year in the United States alone and the fact that some of my fellow classmates have been affected in some way of such violence. It brings pain to my heart and soul seeing that women and girls are treated this way everyday of their lives, and some are violated by multiple men. After watching the documentary called “Half the Sky” really opened my eyes to the violence around the world and how many women are sold into sex trafficking. It inspired me to stand up for these women, and to find ways to raise awareness of the violence. The thought of losing my family or being disowned from being raped breaks my heart. I hope that every woman knows that she is loved by fellow women.

Women and young girls need to be aware of these acts so they too will prevent and stop the violence. This is why I belive in sexual education in all school systems and the freedom for a womans right.

Just another insight on the matter, I could go on about this topic for days.

Keep the peace, know your limits and where you stand.

Positive Vibes,



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