Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Rape in Our Society

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While a read out of the book Women’s Voices: Feminist Visions, in chapter 10, I read about rape and sexual violence against women. I am filled with hurt and disgust to see statistics of women and men being raped in America. What is even more incredible is the amount of people that do not report rape at all. Over 75 percent of rapes happen between people who have met them at some point in their lives, whether that is a friend, an acquaintance, family member, or husband.  What is crazy to me is the amount of rapes that go unreported; a study showing that less than 5% of women who are raped, or experience an attempted rape in their lives are never reported to the authorities.

There could be many reasons that women and men chose not to report any sexual violence inflicted on them. One reason could be they know them personally and cared for them, such as a family member, and do not want the family turmoil it would cause on the family. Another reason is the fact they are scared of these men taking revenge on them or someone they care about. Finally I think many women are in denial about rape, and what it actually means to be sexually assaulted. They convince themselves that it was not rape under the circumstances. The sickening fact is that many men are getting away with this awful offence, or not getting the punishment they deserve when accused.


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