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“Too Poor to Parent?”

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It was not until I read this article, “Too Poor to Parent?”, that I changed the way I view adoption and the ability of the state to take children from parents who abuse or neglect their children.  While I still believe that there are many situations where the best solution for a child is to be taken away completely from their parents due to physical, sexual, or mental abuse, I now question the state’s reasoning for removing children so quickly from homes.  This article explains how most children who end up in foster care have been taken from parents who suffer poverty, and not suffering some type of harsh abuse.  I find this unfair and confusing.  I would like to think that the state would encourage families to stick together, especially through hard times rather than splitting them up.  I agree with Gaylnn Burroughs that the state should place more emphasis in assisting these poor parents to provide good living conditions for their children rather than placing more concern on adoption.  Although I do believe adoption is wonderful and should be of equal importance!


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