Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Body Image

In society, we have a distorted image of what we are supposed to look like. We are told that we have to be skinny and tall with long blonde hair when the average woman is 5’4. So most women feel like they cannot live up to the standards that society gives us. With all the photo shop out there, we think we are ugly when we see these picture perfect women on billboards. This is something that every girl struggles with. No matter how much confidence a girl has, it is still impossible to feel like the prettiest girl in the world. Why can’t society tell us that the short girls that don’t wear make up are just as pretty? Why can’t we say that every woman has their own kind of beauty. I wish that was possible, but this world has turned into business and marketing. We put these things on billboards because we can make money off of it. It is scary to think that money is more important than self-affirmation and confidence.


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Blog Post for 12/6 Too Poor to Parent

I read the article and have mixed feelings about this topic. I feel as though a child should not have to live in a place where they cannot be supported and taken care of. I also feel bad to say that children should be taken away from their parents. I wish that there was some kind of counseling for pregnant women and some support to families that need the help. However, I don’t mean more food stamps and free money. If we lived in a perfect world, we could provide jobs and insurance to these types of families. This is not really possible though I know. I just hate that people have to got through this. It is hard for the parents and for the children. It is just terribly sad.

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Blog Post for 11/13 Sexting

I personally had no idea that sexting was such a problem for people, especially young people. When I first got a cell phone it didn’t have texting or picture mail. I was only allowed to make calls on it. Then, I eventually got texting and my mom would occasionally go through my texts and she would always know who I was talking to. I went to a small school and I am positive that sexting was happening, but none of it ever really went around the school. Once I went to a slightly bigger school, I remember maybe once or twice some nude pictures going around, but nothing terrible.

I believe that sexting is something that can be controlled. I think that parents should be more aware and interested in what their child is doing. Most of the problem comes from young, careless parents that are more concerned with being a friend to their child instead of a parent. Although it is something that is preventable, this will not be fixed until parents start caring more. This probably won’t happen due to the many teen pregnancies lately. It is sad that children as young as twelve are sexually active. What ever happened to playing outside until dark and innocence?

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Blog for 10/25 Stay at Home Moms

This is a topic with a lot of controversy. Society says that women are supposed to stay at home and take care of children and tend to the house and cook all day. However, we also hear that women should be more independent and work outside of the home to help with income. Well this is a double standard. Obviously we cannot do both. I personally believe it is a choice the woman makes based on her own personal beliefs and desires. I think it is great if a family can afford to have the mother stay at home, but that is not possible for many families. I realize there are many studies that show children benefit from a stay at home mom at least for the first few years, but my mother always had a job. I never felt that I was missing out on time with my mother. She was always home by 5 o’clock every night. Because of her job, my sister and I were able to spend time with my grandmother which was such valuable time to us. I know that every situation is different though. My best friend had a mother that stayed home with her and her brother from the time they were born until she turned eight-teen. I’m sure that she loved having her there all the time, especially when she needed her, but I know she would often get frustrated with it as well. I think that each family should evaluate what would work out best for them and the mother should be in control of the final decision.

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I Can.

You know something that I find intriguing? The sheer fact that women are a minority in politics–worse, of their own accord. This should have been more obvious to me, I suppose. Out of all the women I know, not a single one is aiming to be a politician. I mean, I know women of business, women of finance, women who want to teach, women who want to travel…but not a single woman who wants her name on a ballot someday. Why is that? This just goes to show that the biggest need for feminism isn’t to counteract men. Men are no longer the issue at hand. Feminism needs to be about female empowerment. Women are just as likely as men to be voted for, and yet, the self-doubt is what holds us back. That fact is even more sad than oppression–the fact that we are now free to do anything, and we can’t let ourselves. We aren’t convinced we can. Women are the sufferers and the source of the problem. We are creating our own modern oppression. I want feminism to push the bar, to stop the hate against the male gender for something that only a select few really intend. If we spend less time bashing men and more time building women, the effect can be so much greater. We need to start young, teaching girls that they are strong and capable. We need to redefine beauty as less aesthetic and more actively achieved through actions and thoughts. We need to show them that beauty isn’t found in competing with other girls while scantily clad at a beauty pageant. Beauty isn’t found in the faces of emaciated models in the pages of the magazines. Beauty is found in wrinkles that show laughter. Beauty is found in scars that tell stories. Beauty is doing something wonderful, no matter what your hair was like. Beauty is something that doesn’t require Maybelline or Loreal. If we can redefine the standards, we can redefine the world–one girl at a time. And maybe that’s where the true empowerment lies, simply in the phrase, “I can.” 

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The influence of Media and Social Policy on Women

Women have been considered as subordination and accessories of male since ancient world. They did not have the human right to choose and control their own life. Although women have made endless efforts to improve this situation and gain more power than before, gender and race inequality still exists obscurely in out society.

First, I want to briefly mention the difference between women and men in job market. As you may notice, women tend to do Logistic work and more likely to do assistant job. In contrast, male often have higher position in official political positions. The higher the position is, the fewer women involve.  Labor force shows the inequalities in some way.

Media also contributes to certain gender role. The TV series or movies we watch often depict women as emotional and housewife. Instead of being emotional, men are always the one who are more intelligent and more capable of handling hard situations.  Men make more salary and more power to control the family.  We often do what we see. As a result, such obscure implication certainly will influence people’s mind subconsciously, because most of people watch television every day.

Added to this is that Social policy exerts a subtle influence on inequality.  For example, the welfare policy stressed the patterns of income and wealth. Black women and poor women ‘s children are largely to be taken away from their mother due to lack of childcare expense and responsibilities.  Lesbian and gay are less likely to get child custody and other benefit from state.

In conclusion, many factors have affected inequality in social. Media and social policy shape the gender role subconsciously.

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Too Poor to Parent

I found the article by Burroughs very intriguing.  I think that instead of the case workers taking the womens children they should have tried to help the mothers out with some of their payments.  For example, Lisa had food and a roof over her childrens head but she did not have enough money to pay the electric bill.  If the case worker had helped her out with the bill then the food would have not spoiled and she would have been able to keep her children. No parent should have to go through the horrible experience of losing their children just becasue they are to poor.  Even if they dont have money they obviously love their children more than anyone else will.  The children would also be much more comfortable if they got to grow up with their own mother instead of being thrown into foster care.