Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Empowered by Religion

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Religion places women to feel empowered by religion because it offers them a place of belonging, comfort, acceptance, and encouragement. Religion remains a significant personal and political force in women’s lives. Despite religion’s long history of oppression, women have also experienced profound support, encouragement, and satisfaction in religion. It focuses on those aspects of empowerment. Religion provides women an environment in which they experience real community with other women.  Women in traditional marriages who work in the home may find their only real social outlet in the church, where they build connections with other women and participate in personally meaningful experiences in a community context. Second, religion may provide women with opportunities for building and exercising leadership skills within religious organizations. This is more towards women in traditional families, allowing them to develop skills they might not learn otherwise. Lastly, leadership within the church or religious organization may facilitate women’s power within their local or regional communities as well as encourage their participation in various forms of social activism.


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