Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Betrayed by the Angel

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Betrayed by the Angel by Debra Anne Davis was an interesting story about this woman’s life long struggle with the make population. All through elementary school, the boy who sat next to her would stab her with a pencil repeatedly everyday. When she finally got the courage to tell her teacher what he was doing, she wasn’t even mad about it. She thought she would be enraged and have fury when she told on him, but she just told her teacher in a nonchalant way.

She was also raped when she was 25. The part that i don’t understand about this though, is that she opened the door to a complete stranger and just let him walk right in. SHe even says in the story that he scared her, but she thought it was rude to slam the door in someone’s face. She really didn’t put up a fight while he was raping her either. She just let him have his way with her. If i was in a situation like that, I would be doing my best to not let that happen to me. Im not saying she brought this on herself, but there were plenty of things she could have done to stop it. She also says at the end that she didn’t think he deserved to be punished for what he did. I guess because this has never happened to me before, i can’t relate to what she is saying.

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