Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Femme Couverte

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Reading the section in chapter 11, Women And The Law, I was very interested in the doctrine Femme Couverte (feme covert). This doctrine is a British common law inherited by the United States. When i read about the doctrine, i got out of it practically that women are the slaves of their money. The doctrine teaches that the wives are their husbands sexual property and the husband and wife were one person under law. With that, women could not seek employment without their husbands consent, the husband would keep the wages they earned, could not have property, and the husbands controls the wives reproductive lives. Women were the husbands sexual property, which means rape within marriage was legally condoned. 

Women work for money, but could not have the money, are raped, have no property, and must have permission to do daily things. That sounds like hell to me. After reading this i was in shock. Women have grown and have become more empowered since this doctrine was implemented before the twentieth century.  Women had it very tough


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