Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Response to “Too Poor to Parent?” Ch11

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The article, “Too Poor to Parent”  by Gaylynn Burroughs brought many imporant points, and facts to the light about Government Caseworkers coming into the homes of single mothers living in poverty and taking their children away from the home. Gaylynn focuse mainly on African American single mothers. The government is driscriminating against poor African American mothers who might have been through financial difficulties but in the courts make it seem like that the child was tooken from the parents by any mean which could have been Abuse, neglect (which is their favorite) Gaylynn pounted that out. The way that the caseworkers set up the parents is horrible make them go through all kinds of programs for things they might not even have a problem when the real problem is they was just having trouble paying the bills that month because of their minimum wage paying job and being a single mother.


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