Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

The influence of Media and Social Policy on Women

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Women have been considered as subordination and accessories of male since ancient world. They did not have the human right to choose and control their own life. Although women have made endless efforts to improve this situation and gain more power than before, gender and race inequality still exists obscurely in out society.

First, I want to briefly mention the difference between women and men in job market. As you may notice, women tend to do Logistic work and more likely to do assistant job. In contrast, male often have higher position in official political positions. The higher the position is, the fewer women involve.  Labor force shows the inequalities in some way.

Media also contributes to certain gender role. The TV series or movies we watch often depict women as emotional and housewife. Instead of being emotional, men are always the one who are more intelligent and more capable of handling hard situations.  Men make more salary and more power to control the family.  We often do what we see. As a result, such obscure implication certainly will influence people’s mind subconsciously, because most of people watch television every day.

Added to this is that Social policy exerts a subtle influence on inequality.  For example, the welfare policy stressed the patterns of income and wealth. Black women and poor women ‘s children are largely to be taken away from their mother due to lack of childcare expense and responsibilities.  Lesbian and gay are less likely to get child custody and other benefit from state.

In conclusion, many factors have affected inequality in social. Media and social policy shape the gender role subconsciously.


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