Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Women Citizenship vs Male Citizenship

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The way the government handled citizenship for United States women prior to 1930 was wrong.  If a woman was a citizen, they could not marry a male non-citizen.  For some reason if she decided to, the government would take away her right of citizenship. Not only would she lose citizenship here in  the United States but she also would  be forced to go live in her new husbands native country.  Today, one may think the law would have been the same for the male population in America, but it was quite the opposite.  The men in the United States could marry a women who wasn’t a citizen of the U.S. and not only keep his citizenship but it would make his wife a citizen here too.  Neither of them would be told to live in the wives native country.  That is a prime example of gender inequalities that both men and women were forced to live by.  This is one of the many hardships women faced prior to our day in age.


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