Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

I Can.

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You know something that I find intriguing? The sheer fact that women are a minority in politics–worse, of their own accord. This should have been more obvious to me, I suppose. Out of all the women I know, not a single one is aiming to be a politician. I mean, I know women of business, women of finance, women who want to teach, women who want to travel…but not a single woman who wants her name on a ballot someday. Why is that? This just goes to show that the biggest need for feminism isn’t to counteract men. Men are no longer the issue at hand. Feminism needs to be about female empowerment. Women are just as likely as men to be voted for, and yet, the self-doubt is what holds us back. That fact is even more sad than oppression–the fact that we are now free to do anything, and we can’t let ourselves. We aren’t convinced we can. Women are the sufferers and the source of the problem. We are creating our own modern oppression. I want feminism to push the bar, to stop the hate against the male gender for something that only a select few really intend. If we spend less time bashing men and more time building women, the effect can be so much greater. We need to start young, teaching girls that they are strong and capable. We need to redefine beauty as less aesthetic and more actively achieved through actions and thoughts. We need to show them that beauty isn’t found in competing with other girls while scantily clad at a beauty pageant. Beauty isn’t found in the faces of emaciated models in the pages of the magazines. Beauty is found in wrinkles that show laughter. Beauty is found in scars that tell stories. Beauty is doing something wonderful, no matter what your hair was like. Beauty is something that doesn’t require Maybelline or Loreal. If we can redefine the standards, we can redefine the world–one girl at a time. And maybe that’s where the true empowerment lies, simply in the phrase, “I can.” 

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