Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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half the sky

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LaShon White

Half the Sky

19 February 2013

TR 12:45-2:05

Women’s Studies

R. Tolley-Stokes

Half the Sky was very inspirational. I had no ideal that stuff was going on in the world. I thought prostitution was only in America. I also thought it was sad that the girls in Somaliland got circumcised. After watching this it made me have a lot of respect for Edna Adan. I have heard of her before, but I had no ideal what she did. She is a strong and trustworthy woman. She is always trying to make the women around her happy and healthy. She was the first to receive a scholarship in Somaliland. She also was the first midwifery. She said that more women in Africa die from child birth. They were asking a lady why do she circumcise little girls and her response was its how she get paid so they asked if she would quit if somebody paid the same amount that she make and she said yes. I didn’t really like the fact that the girls were circumcised because for one they wait until the little girl is already walking and stuff instead of doing it at birth. After the girls are circumcised they have to just lay in a hut for about two weeks to recover. I know this has to be very painful. I don’t really like talking about this because it kind of make me emotional. I just cant see how they would want to hurt a poor innocent little girl. The little girls just sit and scream out while its happening. The little girls were raped and put out for prostitution. Some how if a girl was raped it was considered her fault and sometimes their families wouldn’t want anything to do with them. This is ridiculous and after seeing this it just makes me want to help out more when it comes to women’s health. I have a personal experience with but I had no ideal it happened all over the world. I recommend this story to everyone. Men and women. This should be told all over the world so more people will be aware of this. I know im all over the place with this but I just cant gather thoughts in order about this.


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