Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Half the Sky

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Watching Half the Sky allowed me to witness the struggles women face in third world countries and how truly fortunate I am to be born a free woman who is able to make her own autonomous decisions. Edna’s midwifery and women’s hospital was amazing. She was able to help many women who could not afford healthcare, deliver their newborn babies, and become cured from life threatening conditions or illness. Especially those from being abused my village men, female vaginal mutilation and its effects on childbirth.  In Africa, women were beginning to demand respect in their community and establish their own businesses and way of life. African women are tired of being mistreated my their spouses and partners. Their main goals are to provide for their children and continue to put them through school. Lastly, women in India are mostly born into prostitution especially those living in the Red Light District.  By allowing their children to attend New Light they are able ensure a better future for their daughters and sons. Although some women are reluctant to this change in their environment it is overall a positive turn around in their family history.


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