Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Half the Sky

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The movie Half the Sky gave me insight into the trouble that women are still facing globally today in developing countries. Genital mutilation, social stereotypes, and economic inequalities are among these things. These are Basic human rights that many of us now a days take for granted that these women may never know. Genital mutilation is not only harmful to a woman’s health and retards their reproductive capabilities, it is often done without the consent of the girl that it is administered onto. This is an atrocity that needs to be done away with, and the best way would be through changing the way the people perceive this tradition. Often, they feel as though this is required and to not do would be a sin of sorts. Next, the women are expected to be second class citizens to men. Men can rape, beat, and kill a woman without so much as a second thought in some parts of the world. The logic behind this is flawed and needs to be changed. Economic equality seems to be a way to move beyond this. If they have a means of survival dependent from any man, then men will have a harder time belittling them. These three things must change if conditions are to ever improve for women living in these parts of the world.


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