Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Invisible War

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The documentary “Invisible War” displays the mistreatment women and men undergo while serving in the military and how their cases are unjustified. Women are objectified and treated differently due to their vulnerability. Males are targeted by other soldiers as an act of superiority and empowerment. Acts of sexual violence effect males and females equally by the guilt, personal resentment, and dramatic aftermath. Both sexes speak out and share their harmful past experiences in the military. The documentary also shows the secrecy in the army such as how most sexual abuse cases are dismissed,  rape kits are misplaced or lost, and the  military disowned their harmed veterans as if their service was useless. Women expose the defilement they received in the army and inform America of the unfair treatment female soldiers are given while serving our country. Army officials do not enforce sexual respect towards women in the army and continuously uses excuses to cover up for their soldiers irrational decisions. The most shocking information was how most sexual abuse cases are never investigated, serial rapists are not punished, and women are mostly charged for their rapists harmful actions.


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