Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Invisible War

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When hearing about the movie invisible war i was thinking that there was just a few cases of rape in the U.S. military. the fact that they were mostly people in higher rank appalls me. men and women join the military with the intention of saving lives and risking theirs for the country they live in. men are suppose to have respect for the women they serve with because we have had to fight twice as hard to finally  be able to join the military. l think the most shocking part was that out of more than a thousand rape cases only about just over a hundred actually served time for the crime. Also the fact that the women were charged with adultery and they werent the ones that were even married. When i think of Military men i think of strong, noble, and true gentlemen and this movie has completely changed my opinion of them and the fact that they should respect the women who serve with them as much as they respect the men who serve with them and have their backs. 


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