Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

invisible war

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I didn’t get to watch the entire movie. I came in at the end. I didn’t know that rape was a big issue in the service. I also thought that if it happened it would be taking care of. the video said basically 55% of the women raped cant really do anything about it. this was of course broken down. I forgot how though. I know 25% was one and 30% was another one. this is sad to hear with me being a female. I hate that women are getting taken advantaged of like that. on top of that they cant do anything about it. I was thinking about going to the air force but im not sure now. I am already a victim of rape but justice has already been served for me. all those women who have been raped know that the person that raped them is still out there and justice haven’t been served for them. I really hate that for all of them.


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