Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Invisible War

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Before I watched Invisible War I had no idea that women were raped as often as they are. I think that it is a shame that women are being treated that way and no one is doing anything about it. Obviously if they get more then one complaint about women getting raped, then the women are not lying. They are only trying to protect one another. The women that stood out the most to me was the woman with the hurt jaw bone. I think that the military should pay for all of her medical bills. Someone else did that to her and she shouldn’t be responsible for paying it. She is suffering so bad that she can not go outside with her child when it is cold because it makes her jaw hurt. I think that it is sad that women are being raped and they will not tell anyone because they are afraid of losing their rankings or even being accused of lying and possibly having to take it to court. It seriously has shocked me with the amount of women that have been raped in the military. I am glad that I got to watch this movie because it opened my eyes to things that I was not aware of.


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