Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Invisible War

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The documentary Invisible War, really opened my eyes.  I never would have thought that this would be an issue in our armed forces, the people who are supposed to protect us, but they cannot even protect their own.  It blows my mind that women and men have to go through such terror at the hands of their superiors or “brothers.”  It makes me so mad that these women and men do not get the justice they deserve, and they are the ones blamed for what happened to them.  According to the documentary, the Department of Defense says that 3,158 incidents of sexual assault were reported in 2010, however, they estimate that 86% of incidents are not reported. According to those statistics,  that means there are about 22,548 sexual assaults in one year. It is unbelievable that this has been going on, and the responses when people report being raped.  It makes me sick.  I am so glad that once the documentary got out, that something was finally done about who can determine what happens with these cases.  However, I still think that there needs to be more changes so that this will never happen again.


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