Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

The Invisible War

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In watching the movie The Invisible War, it really opened my eyes as to how messed up the military truly is.  We all have this mindset that because the military is set to defend our country, then surely it would defend and take care of the people that are not only citizens that live in it but also the people who have put forth their own lives to defend and fight for it.  It is mind boggling to believe that women dealing with these horrible things are actually being blamed for such actions taking place.  Instead, they should be receiving the proper support they deserve when these things are happening behind the scene.  However, the bottom line is this- any woman willing to be a part of the military should not expect to be treated any differently than any man in the military.  There is a reason why men made up the military before women did, we have slowly crept our was into it equally.


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