Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Frye’s Oppression

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In today’s society, women are thought of as being physically retstrained because they are not strong enough and men are described as being emotionally restrained because of their lack of feelings. But, is this just another label that society has given men and women so that they can fit into a characteristic that is in the best interest for the world?

As mentioned by Frye, “Like men’s emotional restraint, women’sphysical restraint is required by men. But unlike the case of men’s emotional restraint, women’s physical restraint is not rewarded”, and this is completely true. When a man is seen as having emotional capabilities, then he is seen by society as one of a kind. Unlike, if a woman is physiically capable then she it is as if she is supposed to be that way. A physically restrained woman is desribed as being a weak and unstable woman meaning that she must rely on a man to do and provide for her in order for her to maintain. While, an emotionally restrained man should not be in a long- lasting relationship because he does not express his feelings towards his significant other properly. This being said that most other people will not want to be with someone who does not communicate throughout the rrelationship.

So, in today’s society when a male or female is not restrained in what society expects them to be restrained in then there is an issue. Therefore, that the individual must be stronger in another aspect of their life because of this other restraint. But, our culture also fails to look at what may have caused these restraints. A physically restrained woman may have serious health issues that cause this, or she could have been bullied about her body shape at a young age, which is something that she can not help. An emotionally restrained man could have difficulties expressing his feelings because he lived in an abusive, whether it be physical, verbal, emotional, or mental. But, it is very hard for me to say how being a physically restrained woman or an emotionally restrained man is harmed physically, mentally, and spritually. With me being an athlete myself, I am very conscious of what and how I eat along with knowing that exercise and sleep play a major part in my life. Along with being in a relationship with a man that has no problem with expressing his feelings, we have yet to encounter either of these issues personbally.

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