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Freedom from Intolerance is NOT the right of only one particular group.


So, before I start this, I lost my rubric thing that has all the topics on it. Irresponsible? Yes. Should have emailed sooner? Probably. But I have to get this blog done, and I figure if I do it, even if it’s not about the assigned topic, I can AT LEAST get some points, eh? Here we go:


Lorde’s “Hierarchy of Oppressions” is short, to the point, and really doesn’t have any, like, hidden meanings or metaphors or anything like that. She blatantly says “that freedom from intolerance is [not] the right of one particular group”. Oppression is oppression, no matter the background. Be it homosexual, male or female, black or white or Hispanic, short or tall, fat or thin, discrimination happens in all groups. EVERY person in the world falls into more than one of these catagories. I could be short, fat, white, and female. I could be gay, tall, thin, and male. This means that it’s quite illogical to simply say “well, i know i’m ridiculed for being short, fat, very white, and female, but I’m only going to battle the ‘short’ haters, and ignore all the other oppressors”. You’ve got to fight ’em all. 

Tolerance is an interesting concept. When babies are born, they don’t think about being a boy or girl, black or white, gay or straight. They worry about being babies, right? It is only when parents and adult members of their communities begin to say things like “oh, you’re a girl, so you can’t play football with the boys” or “oh, you’re gay, so you’re not allowed to come to our church”, that babies become labeled and realize that not everything or everyone is equal, that your gender, sexual orientation, shoe size, and skin color are either good or bad, not simply “gender” or “shoe size”. 

3 thoughts on “Freedom from Intolerance is NOT the right of only one particular group.

  1. fascinating. love your voice. it IS parents & other family members, but it’s also other children or the media they consume. this is interesting, FYI:

  2. so glad you enjoyed it. there’s so much out there–information–to soak up.

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