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My Life experience: Understanding There is No Hierarchy of Oppression


My mother and grandmother were school teachers, and of all things my mother was an English teacher. Why on earth did I have to be Dyslexic? I am a student, I am a teachers kid, and I am Introverted. How does this relate to Lorde?

I’m obviously a student just like everyone else, but I am the gray matter. That means I do not learn in a normal way like most people, but at the same time my disability dose not classify me to be in a special education class. I did receive classes to help me caught up, and I did make it to college. I had to work extremely hard to get to where I am today. 

Growing up some teachers thought I was lazy and stubborn until testing proved I was indeed a dyslexic. My mom being an English teacher noticed right away something was wrong, but other teachers disagreed with my mom. My mom would work with me as a child, and reading turned into screaming crying fits. From a first graders minds it like gosh my own mom can not even teach me how to read. She is a teacher why can I not seem to grasp this. I hated reading because it was hard, and no one outside my family seemed to believe that I had a problem. I cried cause I felt bad and anxious. I felt like it was just expected of me to be good at english, and a great student.

As I got older and my disability was know. I had to be careful about it. My parents did not want that to define me. I was so worried and wished I was not dyslexic, and I cried a lot. I would get kicked out of class for crying, because I was frustrated. I was frustrated, because I did not how to communicate my feelings.

By high school groups would come in to talk to students with disabilities about our future. They would tell us what we could do besides going to college. If I said I was going to college these groups would ask me what my back up plan was. It made me feel like maybe college was not for me. Other groups were trying to make me be out going, because “obviously I felt bad about myself because I was dyslexic.” 

This statement is not true. I’m just introverted. I Love meeting people, but I love listening to people the more than talking. In fact, I only get help from a group of five friends, and I go to them in different situations. I was not quite or shy because of my disability, but because of my personality. 

Nothing is wrong with being dyslexic or introverted child of an english teacher. It makes things harder cause lots of people do not understand either. Most people tend to be extroverted, and learn in the “standard way”. Just because I do not does not mean anything. It just means I go about things in different ways than most people. with that being said I respect people who learn differently from me, and have different personalities. I know that we share lots of similarities they just go about it differently. 


4 thoughts on “My Life experience: Understanding There is No Hierarchy of Oppression

  1. Then your senior English teacher was dyslexic …. I know how hard you work …and you are right there is nothing wrong with it …

  2. beautiful & demonstrates privilege, normalcy & difference in a way i haven’t seen before.

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