Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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No Hierarchy of Oppression

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In Lorde’s article, “There is no Hierarchy of Oppression,” she described the many ways women, in particular, are oppressed. Women are oppressed in so many ways, and in many instances they are oppressed for multiple things. Women are looked at as weak, blondes are looked at as dumb, and lesbians are looked at in a negative way. Society has made molds for each individual to fill and when one does not fit the certain mold, they are looked at as inferior or “less than” the rest of society. Lorde was personally oppressed for not only being a woman, but also being a black individual and also being a lesbian. I am personally oppressed for being a woman. I am sometimes thought as “dumb” because I am blonde, or weak because I am small and petite. The problem with these “molds” society has made is that they are constantly changing. People of society don’t dress like they did in the 80s or even work the same type jobs or obtain the same level of education. Family dynamics are changing and men are not always the “breadwinner” anymore. I believe as time moves forward, society is advancing and becoming an equal playing field.

One thought on “No Hierarchy of Oppression

  1. fantastic how you pointed out the fluid nature of molds and how they alter with the times, as well as changing family dynamics.

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