Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014


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Marilyn Frye wrote an article on how men and women are both repressed in different ways. Women are typically oppressed in physical ways and men are oppressed emotionally. Most of the time many women do not see how men can be oppressed. One way a male can be emotionally oppressed is for example, if his family has a legacy of being involved in the military. The young man would feel the pressure of being forced into the same fate therefore oppressing what he feels like he wants to do with his life other than military. Another way a man can be oppressed emotionally is by examining the stereotype that men do not cry. Men are said to be the strong, less emotionally individual and crying shows weakness. That is entirely not true. Therefore a male would feel emotionally restrained because he would not be able to show his true emotions. I feel that this restraints are very prominent within the society today, but not many notice them.  Women can be physically restrained or oppressed in many different ways. One way that Frye pointed out in her article is that young women who are not sexually active are subject to criticism from others and young women that are sexually active are also subject to criticism because they are considered too loose. Either way a young woman lives her life, criticism will always follow them. Another example of how a woman can be physically restrained is how someone dresses. For example, if a woman dresses more feminine than others she could be viewed as more lady like and delicate than others. This could cause emotional harm to the woman because she would be restrained to feeling like she is not able to do anything on her own. Another example is if a woman dresses more manly than others. She would be subject to emotional harm because she could be categorized as different and non-lady like and that could lead to many discriminatory problems. I think that all the examples stated above spiritually harm the individual because any conflict in someone’s life will affect how they view themselves. Their spirit will eventually deteriorate because of the constant blows and the constant feeling of being restrained.


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  1. very nicely done 🙂 beautifully written, too.

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